Routes - Internal signposting

In the summer of 2014, a new wayfinding system by route number was established. This easy and intuitive system allows you to find your way through the hospital’s buildings.

This system consists of attributing a route number to the hospital’s locations.

  • The names of consultation areas like “A6”, “B7” or “-2 P3” have been replaced with routes numbers.
  • Care units still have their current numbering in route number form.

Directional panels are in light gray, hanging from the ceiling or on the wall, and only show routes numbers. The arrival destination is indicated in fully spelled out on black background panels.

The system can be compared to the search of a departure gate in an airport.

Screens are displayed in different places of the hospital allowing you to find the route number matching your destination. You can also download the services’ locations here

For example

To go to your ophthalmology consultation:

  1. Look for “Ophthalmology” on the screen in the main hall or on the website;
  2. Find the corresponding route number;
  3. Follow that number across the hospital corridors through the many panels displayed almost everywhere;
  4. A panel fully stating “Ophthalmology” will inform you that you have arrived.

Note that the old system has been removed. Now you must know the route number to cross the hospital.

Your appointment confirmation does not mention the route number? You have several options

  • Download this file and find the route number.
  • Look for your route number on the screens displayed in many places of the hospital.
  • • Ask the reception staff in the main hall, at the Emergency service or at l’Institut Albert Ier et Reine Elisabeth.

Thank you to everyone for your collaboration!