About Saint-Luc


University Hospital Saint-Luc and partners are committed to providing patients with top-quality, dependable, easily accessible care with the most advanced technology. The group is a reference point for not only Belgium but the rest of the world as regards certain complex disorders. They continually produce excellent results in their work as a teaching hospital center with the principal activities of research, innovation, and teaching shared by The Université catholique de Louvain (UCL).

Four mission statements and five values

1. Providing patients with medical care
High-quality care that is as closely adapted to the patient’s needs as possible, and accessible for everyone. University-level care, at the cutting edge of scientific advances, offered across the board by a range of healthcare professionals.
2. Guaranteeing medical education
Providing medical health education that covers all fields, including nursing, pharmacology, and so on, encompassing all fundamental specialties, and inscribing each student with not only the necessary scientific knowledge but the human values inherent in any doctor-patient relationship.
3. Supporting research
Including both clinical and fundamental (laboratory-based) research that benefits advances in diagnostic and treatment methods, along with applied research in the fields of nursing care and hospital management.
4. Serving the community
With their continuous pursuit of excellence in all the professions represented in the institution, Saint-Luc University Hospital also wishes to serve as a dedicated and devoted member of the community.

University Hospital Saint-Luc has outlined five institutional values that highlight the key concept of “living together”, ensuring that the patient’s needs are never forgotten:

  • Quality and excellence
  • Cooperation
  • Being open to change
  • Responsibility
  • Respect

Our Rooms

Our recently renovated private rooms offer all the comfort:

Bathroom with shower, television, personal refrigerator. Wifi is also provided.

Our Services

For our young patients we have a library, a video room and playrooms with different activities.

At University Hospital Saint-Luc we respect all religious and philosophical persuasions of patients: representatives of different religions can assist you.

The meals are served at regular hours (breakfast between 8 and 8:30 am, lunch at noon and dinner at 6pm). When you arrive at your treatment department you can communicate your meal preferences to our team.

Our Restaurant

Our restaurant "Le Médoc" has an "in room" service. It is located in the main hall of University Hospital Saint-Luc
"Le Médoc" offers a diversified menu in a warm atmosphere.
"Le Médoc" is open from Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 8 pm. It also has a take-away service.

More facilities

In the main entrance hall, shops (Carrefour Express, Press Shop & Di) are available. There is also a cash machine.

Patient Care

During your stay, your family and friends will find accomodation and a warm welcome at "Le Roseau", right next to the hospital.